Baby Music Classes in Avalon, on the Northern Beaches

Kindermusik Sing & Play baby classes

Baby music classes: Newborn to 2 year old children

  • Class fees: $180
  • Class length: 45 minutes
  • Adult present for entire class
  • Fees include digital home materials, CD with music from class & a story book

Enrolling in Kindermusik is easy, if you're not sure about enrolling for the full term, 1/2 term enrolment is available for $90, or why not try a $15 preview class which includes a free CD.

Kindermusik Sing & Play Benefits

In our baby music classes, we take those special bonding moments between you and your baby and add in a unique blend of activities that stimulate and engage all of the senses. You will learn how to encourage your baby's learning through vocal play, object exploration, instruments, and creative movement.

For further information on this curriculum visit kindermusik

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